Validate a CATO Site

We understand that due to the complexity of the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization, it may be easier for malicious parties to try and impersonate us for your information. What can you do to protect yourself? Be vigilant and follow a few tips below to easily identify whether you’re on a genuine CATO site. First, remember that if you’re at a coffee shop, airport, or anywhere else using public WiFi, use a VPN to protect not only your traffic to CATO but all your data. VPNs like Norton VPN provide safety and security by encrypting your traffic and isolating it from prying eyes. There are many VPN providers out there and we strongly recommend you find the right one for you. While we can’t tell you which VPN solution is right for you, we do strongly recommend against NordVPN for security reasons – and security is the reason why you would subscribe to a VPN service to begin with.

If you’re on your home network or a trusted friend or family member’s network, remember that your WiFi should be protected with at least WPA2 (WPA3 recommended) security.

With that said, take a look below for a few simple signs to verify that you are on a genuine Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization’s site.

Check for Trust

All Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization websites, except for the NortheBridge Emporium, have specific trust seals from Digicert (GeoTrust), TrustedSite, and McAfee. You can easily verify CATO sites by reviewing these seals which contain validated information regarding the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization. Simply add “/trustcenter/verify” to the end of a domain to view and verify CATO trust seals.

For the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization’s home, view it at

View the Padlock

If you are providing password, credit card, or other protected information you want to make sure you’re giving it to the right people. Each web browser has a padlock icon indicating security and when you click on that icon, you should see something similar to “Valid Certificate Issued to Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization [US]” issued by “Digicert High Assurance Root CA” and “GeoTrust EV RSA CA 2018.”

However, some segments of CATO sites aren’t protected by an Extended Validation Certificate such as the NortheBridge Emporium or the Cloud Mosaic Status page. Instead, those certificates are issued by “CloudFlare” or “Let’s Encrypt.” To help you, you can view a history of genuine certificates at