Los Angeles, Calif. – December 25th, 2020 – (CELESTIAL ATLANTIS TREATY ORGANIZATION) Executive High Councilor Avalon Danvers issued this statement in celebration of the winter holidays at the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization.

“On this Christmas, we’re excited to celebrate and open our home to you with the tremendous transformation that CATO is undergoing. It its with great pride, joy, and humility that we share the foundations of CATO Advocacy for the first time with you and only fitting that it is during the season of giving.”

“We hope that while you cozy up around the Christmas tree or that fireplace you will read up on CATO’s World Building enterprises: the Climate Change Committee, the Socioeconomic Action Committee, Committee for Human Rights, and the World Democracy Committee and consider giving to these missions.”

“Interested in Future Building? The Moonlight Observatory is a staple mission of the fundamentals of education in the next generation of space exploration. Or read up on one of the other Future Building enterprises.”

“Read about our enterprises and missions and be ready to become a member in 2021 through CATO Advocacy. Discover the Council of Constituents and become a part of the First Atlantis World Congress.”

“We’re only at the beginning and it will be the Atlantis World Congress which drives us forward.”

“Merry Christmas and happy holidays from the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization.”

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