Los Angeles, Calif. – December 28th, 2020 – (CELESTIAL ATLANTIS TREATY ORGANIZATION) Executive High Councilor Avalon Danvers issued this statement in regards to the changes and affect CATO Advocacy will have on the future of the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization.

“When the Charter of Atlantis laid out CATO Advocacy as a tenant of the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization when it was signed in 2012, I had no idea that nearly ten years later in 2021, the governing legislation that established the Advocacy would have a monumental effect on CATO and how we do things.”

“The Advocacy opens up whole new avenues for the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization which were previously unavailable. It allows us to establish ourselves within our core enterprises of World Building and Future Building with your help and your direction – it truly creates the ideals of CATO where the people decide the future.”

“Naturally, the Advocacy is tied to every core mission within the enterprises: whether that’s the Climate Change Committee, Socioeconomic Action Committee, Committee for Human Rights, the World Democracy Committee, or even Future Building initiatives like the World Space Council, NX Control, and more the Advocacy also sits at a cornerstone of CATO: the World Congress.”

“Elected from our Constituency, although some positions are appointed by the Council of Atlantis, elected officials serve two year terms before re-election if so decided by the Constituency. These officials provide a voice to all Constituents as they provide the CATO High Council guidance and direction in matters related to World Building and Future Building.”

“With the introduction of Constituents, the World Congress, and the Advocacy to help guide the CATO vision and direction, the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization has changed in a way that wasn’t thought to be possible.”

“Appointments to the CATO Advocacy and World Congress will likely begin early February 2021 with elections to take place shortly thereafter.”

“We will announce when you can become a Constituent of the CATO Advocacy which is expected to be early January 2021.”

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