CATO's Response to the COVID-19 Crisis

Los Angeles, Calif. — April 5, 2020 — Ahead of the first full week of April, the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization (CATO) announced it will begin operating under the special emergency condition, “Condition Blue, Code Orange.” CATO’s Executive Authority, the High Council of Ahtohallan, warned of repercussions from the response but stressed that the wellbeing of all of CATO’s personnel must come first.

“Although considered essential, COVID-19 has caused us to reconsider our position on non-essential services which had remained operating under the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization’s directives”

The statement was put out by the Council shortly before midday.

In a letter to CATO personnel, the Council had included the activation of the Concorde Emergency Response Unit (CEU), a joint unit of Concorde’s AEGIS Task Force and Sentinel Task Force. Although CEU has a number of responsibilities, it is paramount in the event that CATO Unified Operations is unable to continue to perform its functions. According to the letter, CEU will continue to operate as CATO Unified Operations until such time the High Counil deems it safe to return to normal operations.

The ripple effect of the High Council’s decision will be seen throughout the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization, Kepner Foundation, NortheBridge, the Scientific and Advanced Research Laboratories (S.T.A.R. Labs), and the Assembly of Concorde:

  • All CATO & Kepner Foundation Directorates will operate on limited hours: 4am to 9am and 4pm to 9pm, Monday through Friday. Saturday and Sunday will be limited to 5pm to 10pm. These hours will also effect Cloud Mosaic by NortheBridge although NortheBridge Cloud Communications will retain 24/7 network operations at the NortheBridge Network Authority Global Operations Center.
  • Non-Essential Personnel are to Telework
  • Unessential Operations as deemed by the memorandum will be halted
  • Only Cloud Mosaic by NortheBridge and S.T.A.R. Labs will remain operational in limited capacities

Addressing concerns on CATO’s response to COVID-19 and the community, Executive High Councilor Avalon Danvers made the following statement:

“To come to a decision that nearly paralyzes both CATO and the Kepner Foundation was not an easy one to come to but as iterated in our earlier statements, the wellbeing of our personnel must come first. We only decided to keep S.T.A.R. Labs operating because it’s a scientific research facility and would be a disservice to the community if we shut it down while Cloud Mosaic by NortheBridge will continue to run not only to be released this month but to also provide platforms for the millions affected including the thousands of businesses.”

– Avalon Danvers, Executive High Councilor, Council of Ahtohallan

The Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization and the Kepner Foundation will continue to monitor the global situation with COVID-19 and provide updates to CATO and the Kepner Foundation’s operational status and how it affects the community as the situation develops.