Los Angeles, Calif. – December 27th, 2020 – (NORTHEBRIDGE) NortheBridge Cloud
Communications, a cutting-edge cloud hosting solutions provider offering premium services to
individuals, businesses, enterprises, and governments with a commitment to agnostic, easy to
use, zero friction cloud services, offering performance and reliability at scale to meet your
needs as they evolve, announced today the launch of it’s awaited Cloud Mosaic by
NortheBridge service with Mosaic One and the Mosaic Gaming Cloud.

This news comes just days before 2021 and days after the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization,
parent corporation of NortheBridge, had its annual State of Atlantis where it announced it
would have NortheBridge launch Cloud Mosaic by the end of 2020.

The Mosaic Cloud launches with two services: Cloud Mosaic One, a core managed Cloud VPS
server hosting solution, and the Mosaic Gaming Cloud – a dedicated cloud gaming server based
hosting solution.

“We have been testing this platform for months and developing it for years; it’s time we get it
into the hands of clients,” Avalon Danvers, Executive High Councilor of the Celestial Atlantis
Treaty Organization said in a statement. “Mosaic Cloud Generation 3 is a perfect time to launch
the platform with 13 Mosaic One regions and 1 Mosaic Gaming Cloud region.”

The Mosaic Cloud is now available just in time for New Year’s with plans for rapid growth
throughout 2021.

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