Los Angeles, Calif. – May 23rd, 2020 – (CELESTIAL ATLANTIS TREATY ORGANIZATION) NortheBridge, a state-of-the-art technology in aerospace, defense, photonics, and computing company announced

that Shared on Cloud for Ultra Cloud on Cloud Mosaic had reached “Early Access” availability. Officially dubbed the Initiative: Early Access or IEA, it marks a milestone for Cloud Mosaic by NortheBridge’s development.

“The IEA is the proving grounds,” Avalon Danvers, the Executive High Councilor of the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization which owns NortheBridge stated. “We have a platform production ready and we are Inviting people to not only take advantage of it at a discounted rate but to also stress the service allowing us to make their client journey an even better experience.”

The “client journey” has become synonymous with the experience a customer has on Cloud Mosaic. Over the previous months, NortheBridge has taken extraordinary steps to ensure the ‘client journey’ was more human.

“When we started developing Cloud Mosaic, we had no intentions on changing a formula already proven to work but then we realized that ‘the Cloud needs to be human again.’ So, we did just that with our customer experience; created a client journey where you know that NortheBridge will stand with you to help you succeed. We made a truly human Cloud experience,” Danvers stated.

Cloud Mosaic’s Shared on Cloud will be launching with Plesk Obsidian and introduce DirectAdmin by early Q3 2020. cPanel support is slated for early Q4 2020.

“We chose Plesk and DirectAdmin as our launch control panels simply because cPanel as of yet and with no real defined date, doesn’t support Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 based operating systems for which our Cloud heavily utilizes,” Danvers announced.

With the announcement that Shared on Cloud for Ultra Cloud on Cloud Mosaic which includes features like ‘reselling,’ NortheBridge also announced it would make available a limited number of Unifi on Mosaic Cloud Instances, advertised as “UI on Mosaic,” In the first steps to launching dedicated Instances on the Ultra Cloud.

NortheBridge projects to add 100 subscribers this month across it’s Cloud platform.

About Cloud Mosaic by NortheBridge: the Mosaic is a premium subscription service and gateway to agnostic, easy to use, zero friction cloud services.

About NortheBridge: Serving several continents, NortheBridge is a cutting edge photonics and aerospace company providing numerous high-tech services to individuals, businesses, enterprises, and governments.

About Microsoft: Microsoft enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

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