NortheBridge to Launch Shared On Cloud; to Partner with ZenDesk for Support

Los Angeles, Calif. – May 1st, 2020 – (CELESTIAL ATLANTIS TREATY ORGANIZATION) NortheBridge, a state-of-the-art technology in aerospace, defense, photonics, and computing company confirmed rumors today that Cloud Mosaic by NortheBridge would offer Shared on Cloud Services on the heels of its acquisition of Execore Hosting which had previously offered Shared Hosting Services.

Shared on Cloud Services brings the power of the Cloud to Shared Hosting customers. Implementing them inside powerful partitioned Cloud instances – Shared on Cloud customers can enjoy features from the Ultra Cloud such as Rapid Service Recovery and CloudFlare Railgun at minimal additional costs.

“Shared on Cloud Services are in every way intended to be a budget launch vehicle which attract the Shared Hosting customers without overwhelming them with all the Cloud services available,” Avalon Danvers said of Shared on Cloud, “while Shared on Cloud will only offer hosting packages at first it will slowly implement more advanced features such as Shared on Cloud CDN with the option to upgrade to a standard or premium CDN offering from NortheBridge”

Shared on Cloud’s instances leverages network connectivity speeds of up to 40Gbps per an instance on the NortheBridge Microsoft Azure 1.6 Petabits-per-a-Second backbone supported by advanced in-house tools. Shared on Cloud customers can rest easy knowing they are in good company with a Microsoft Partner and a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider.

NortheBridge made one other announcement about Cloud Mosaic by NortheBridge this week. In a strategic move, NortheBridge will be partnering with ZenDesk to bring advanced AI, Live Chat, Forums, Knowledgebase, and Ticket Support to Cloud Mosaic by NortheBridge customers.

“When we were looking for helpdesks for multiple lines of use cases, ZenDesk was the only helpdesk suite which could meet our demanding needs while providing an easy self-service experience,” Sidney Powell, Director of the Scientific and Technological Advanced Research Laboratories; formally NortheBridge Dynamics.

By using ZenDesk with Cloud Mosaic, NortheBridge has the intentions to limit phone support to “Class A” and “Class B” incidents as well as “Class S” outage incidents support.
NortheBridge is anticipated to launch Shared on Cloud for Cloud Mosaic as well as the new NortheBridge Help Center late next week.

About Cloud Mosaic by NortheBridge: the Mosaic is a premium subscription service and gateway to agnostic, easy to use, zero friction cloud services.

About NortheBridge: Serving several continents, NortheBridge is a cutting edge photonics and aerospace company providing numerous high-tech services to individuals, businesses, enterprises, and governments.

About Microsoft: Microsoft enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

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