NortheBridge to Acquire Execore Hosting, Launch Cloud Mosaic Gaming Cloud

Los Angeles, Calif. – April 20th, 2020 – (CELESTIAL ATLANTIS TREATY ORGANIZATION) NortheBridge, a state-of-the-art technology in aerospace, defense, photonics, and computing company, announced that it is to acquire game hosting company Execore in a strategic move to lay the foundation of the NortheBridge Cloud Mosaic Gaming Cloud.

Committing to Execore’s core customers, NortheBridge will phase in the current gaming customers and popular titles to the Gaming Cloud while sunsetting titles that have no potential for growth. In the place of titles which are sunset, new and popular titles will take their place. Additionally, Voice Server customers will enjoy a new sense of stability and responsiveness as new regions become available throughout the world.

NortheBridge also plans to phase out Execore’s Shared Hosting and Dedicated Servers in favor of the Cloud Mosaic’s Ultra Cloud compute instances’: the R-series for the former and the D-series for the latter; both powered by Microsoft Hyper-V.

“We never saw Cloud Mosaic as a cloud platform for the gaming space but when this acquisition just seemed so ‘organic’ we knew that Execore belonged on the Mosaic Cloud and built the NortheBridge Cloud Mosaic Gaming Cloud platform around it,” Avalon Danvers who spearheaded the acquisition of Execore stated about the acquisition before continuing, “we want to be true to Execore’s current clients as well as past clients that will hopefully give the [NortheBridge Cloud Mosaic] Gaming Cloud a chance.”

Utilizing the 1.6 Petabits per a second backbone of Microsoft Azure and in-house developed technology built specifically for Azure, the Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider and Microsoft Partner, NortheBridge, is able to deliver an unprecedented amount of cloud capabilities to transitioning customers by coupling the Gaming Cloud into the NortheBridge Cloud Mosaic’s Ultra Cloud tier.

Cloud Mosaic by NortheBridge is expected to release in May 2020.

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About Cloud Mosaic by NortheBridge: the Mosaic is a premium subscription service and gateway to agnostic, easy to use, zero friction cloud services.

About NortheBridge: Serving several continents, NortheBridge is a cutting edge photonics and aerospace company providing numerous high-tech services to individuals, businesses, enterprises, and governments.

About Microsoft: Microsoft enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

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