Brand Guidelines

Whether you're a small business owner or a filmmaker, a teacher or software developer, we'll help you learn how and when you can use our logo, icons, and other brand elements in your work.

The Legal Stuff

The “Infinity Star” insignia, Seal of Atlantis, NortheBridge brand logo, and other Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization trademarks, are the property of the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization. These assets are made available directly from CATO under the conditions we’ve set forth here. All creatives that include or reference Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization trademarks must be reviewed and fully approved by the NortheBridge Brand Team. Use the Brand Request Form to submit your marketing for review.

Get the Branding

Ready to get our branding? Simply select the proper asset below and download. When using our branding, make sure you have permission from us or are in compliance with the published guidelines.

Seal of CATO


Use the approved brand

Use only the approved, unmodified logo that is provided to you.

Don’t modify the logo

Don’t modify, distort, or add additional elements to the logo.

Be specific

Be clear and precise about our involvement with your organization or event.

Use the right colors

Use our full-color logo.

Don’t use busy backgrounds

Don’t use the logo on backgrounds where it would be hard to read, such as similar colors or busy images.

Use helpful language

Use language such as “sponsored by,” “supported by,” "presented by," or “made possible by” when referring to our role.

Use the right size

Match the size of other sponsor logos.

Don’t vary sizes

Don’t make the logo bigger or smaller than other sponsor logos within the same sponsorship tier.

Use in plain text

You can refer to us or our products in an informational context in plain text in books, articles, websites, etc.

Follow clear space rules

Use appropriate clear space around the logo.

Don’t crowd the logo

Don’t crowd the logo by placing it too close to other logos or elements.

Link to our content

You can link to our pages, content, videos, maps, etc. using hyperlinks, built-in embed tools, or QR codes.

Final Approval

For final approval of your materials, or if you have any questions, reach out to the person you’re working with at the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization. They’ll submit your materials to the NortheBridge Brand Team on your behalf.