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To the Chosen Future, a Never Ending Tomorrow

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Our Vision

The 21st century is monumental to humanity. Our vision is to realize the changes we, as a species, need to make as we develop into an interplanetary and perhaps – even one day, an interstellar civilization. Every action the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization makes is to shape the future and prepare civilization as pathfinders of tomorrow.

Our Mission

Unite generations new and old to take action on critical issues effecting the world to realize solutions no one ever thought possible to set forth a civilization ready to work together as we venture out for the first time into the reaches of space.


Advocates of Future Building, Human Rights, and Democracy are empowered to the global stage as we build a never ending tomorrow based on the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization’s Vision, Mission, and Empowerment.

CATO was founded on high minded rhetoric and ideals. Some may call it a 'dream,' and others will think we're crazy enough to pull it off but the reality is that it will ultimately be up to the people whether our ideals are to find the path to the future. Every century a moment of great change comes along, that's what CATO represents.

Avalon Danvers, Executive High Councilor Tweet

Turning Rhetoric Into Reality

Whoever you are, wherever you are – have the power to ensure CATO is a reality.

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A Message from the Executive High Councilor