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Universal Healthcare In the United States. A Revolution in Medicine
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Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization

Whether at the forefront of science and technology, human rights, climate change, and the many other challenges that face modern civilization, the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization (CATO) is there to advocate and give a voice to all as it pursues the world the people want to see. Nothing like CATO has existed in history and nothing like CATO will exist in history ever again.

The Kepner Foundation

Sister organization to the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization, the Kepner Foundation was once "NortheBridge Freedom Medical." Today, it stands as a monument and a testament of progress needed in the fight for a basic human right: universal healthcare. Learn how the Kepner Foundation approach can change the way we think about medicine in the United States.

Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization & Kepner Foundation

One and the same; two of a kind. CATO - focused on global pressing issues from human rights to climate change while being at the forefront of space exploration and technology. And the Kepner Foundation: at the forefront of bringing free market and true affordable universal healthcare based on the British Columbia, Canada healthcare system to the United States.

A Change Begins With a Single Step

Discover how the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization and the Kepner Foundation make a mark on the world with fundamental actions other organizations wouldn't ever take. Find out why CATO and the Kepner Foundation are the differences we need.
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Latest from the Newsroom

COVID-19 Response

Los Angeles, Calif. — April 5, 2020 — Ahead of the first full week of April, the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization (CATO) announced it will begin operating under the special emergency condition, “Condition Blue, Code Orange.” CATO’s Executive Authority, the High Council of Ahtohallan, warned of repercussions from the response but stressed that the wellbeing of all of CATO’s personnel must come first.

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Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization

Take a leading role in efforts throughout the world to solve pressing issues including climate change and human rights as well as be at the forefront of the next generation of space exploration. Members will enjoy unique opportunities across all CATO endeavours and may find themselves in the history books.

Our Directorates

The Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization wasn't founded for any one purpose. It was founded on the high minded rhetoric needed to effect the changes we need throughout the world. CATO isn't about one thing; it's an idea - a belief that if we can work together we can triumph over the challenges we are to face.

Executive High Councilor of the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization

The Consortium

The Consortium of the Infinity Star (CotIS) has been described as a mystery wrapped in the enigma that is the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization.

Unlike the other Directorates, the Consortium operates only as a holding organization as well as a command and control center for the other Directorates.

Effectively – it’s CATO Operations in addition to being the Directorate of Celestial Projects.

The lineage of CATO can be traced all the way back to the Consortium. The Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization’s insignia: the “Infinity Star” with two intersecting infinity signs symbolizing “Infinity times Infinity” is the birthplace of the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization.


Of all of the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization’s (CATO) Directorates, NortheBridge is perhaps the most unique with history dating back further than CATO itself.

Unlike the other Directorates, NortheBridge’s primary mission under the Article of the Charter which founded it, is to financially stabilize and support the activities of CATO. It achieves this by tending for use the technology and advents developed by the other CATO Directorates.

NortheBridge is also notable for being the only Directorate that is interchangeably referenced with CATO.

S.T.A.R. Labs

For the Scientific and Technological Advanced Research Laboratories – S.T.A.R. Labs, is the Directorate responsible for the most advanced scientific research and advents.

S.T.A.R. Labs has had a unique history. It was originally NortheBridge Dynamics which was responsible for the development of “Celestial Technologies” – technologies required to advance into space.

However, as NortheBridge Dynamics became more present within NortheBridge and CATO, it eventually became what is now S.T.A.R. Labs and while it still researches “Celestial Technologies” it also advances into various other scientific fields.

Assembly of Concorde

Concorde; officially the Assembly of Concorde is the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization’s Directorate responsible for security and defense; particularly for CATO missions.

The Assembly of Concorde is in a unique position with three separate but equally important task forces: Aegis, Sentinel, and Shadowhunter.

The Aegis Task Force was created for the general protection of humanitarian missions performed by the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization.

Sentinel Task Force is an overwatch created for the general protection of all CATO missions whether humanitarian or not. Sentinel serves as standard security and defense at home and abroad.

Finally, Task Force Shadowhunter – the original Concorde task force. Although it has missions inside the bounds of both Aegis and Sentinel, it is specifically under the direct control of the Council of Atlantis for CoA missions.

Platform of Change

Other Initiatives

In addition to the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization's own missions, CATO offers a diversified platform of change to recognize other initiatives which aren't of CATO's origins but align with CATO missions or may even become a CATO mission.

Current Missions of the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization

The Kepner Foundation

Discover the first ever private universal healthcare system in the United States. Learn how the private universal healthcare initiative led by the Kepner Foundation will change the way America sees healthcare forever.

CATO & Kepner

Much like the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization, the Kepner Foundation follows in the footsteps of the belief that “true democratic privatization” in the sector is able to accomplish far more than what can be accomplished by any one movement or government a lone. This may be because the upper echelon of CATO is the very same as the Kepner Foundation owing to the Foundation’s lineage.

The Foundation isn’t in search of building a hospital that will only be limited in scope to helping one group but not another. The planned Kepner Foundation Hospital (“KPH”) is intended to serve the entire community and be an example of what happens when a community can come together to turn an idea economically viable and superior to medical systems that exist around the world.

Kepner Foundation Hospital will truly be unlike any other medical facility on the planet.

The Movement

With a lineage tracing back to the beginnings of the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization itself, the Kepner Foundation started as NortheBridge Freedom Medial. In 2020, the Foundation was decided to be split into the sister organization of CATO to represent its own movement: Universal Health as a Human Right.

The Kepner Foundation represents a catalyst of change for the United States. Where politicians fall short, the Kepner Foundation does not. With the belief of working together, the Kepner Foundation can establish a Universal Healthcare that’s a Human Right – preventing the millions of Americans that slip through the healthcare cracks each year.

This movement represents a new era for health.

Discover the Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization

From Photonics to Spaceships, Entertainment to Influence, Come On a Journey of Self Discovery, Helping the Public Benefit, and Leaning for CATO that It's Not the Destination that Matters; but the Journey. Join CATO on an Adventure and Discover Our Secrets. Make Us the Discovery that Changes the World.