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Celestial Atlantis Treaty Organization (CATO)

The government


The enterprise

S.T.A.R. Labs

The next generation research laboratory

Assembly of Concorde

The defense and exploration branch

Who we are

Dreamers crafting the next generation
through innovation beyond imagination

Setting a course for the stars

Since 2012 we have been driving global innovation in space exploration. From Satellites ahead of their time to Spaceships, CATO is the only organization on Earth ready to open the gateway to the Sol System.

World builders

Through government leadership and advocacy, CATO’s platform provides for world building changes that help drive humanity forward. We are at the forefront of world changing endeavours.

CATO World

One world. One future

The past is written but what we do now
has the power to determine the future

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We are explorers

We have always looked to the stars
to discover who we are

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